Lithograf VIdeo // Step-By-Step

Video Production Services

1. Project Consulting

Before we begin, what kind of video do you want? Whether it's an advertisement for television/YouTube or an informational "about us" video for your website, Lithograf can get it done.

With you from the beginning, the initial steps of creating a great video come down to planning and collaboration. With your ideas and our expertise, we will build the foundation of an excellent project by walking through each step before we begin. Pre-production is essential, and we'll do it the right way.

2. Principal Photography

"Principal Photography" is just a fancy way of saying shooting or filming. We shoot breathtaking video in 4K resolution with an array of state-of-the-art cameras. That means you get the quality of an expensive film camera, with the versatility of the digital age. It's a lossless combination. 

With Lithograf, there are no second unit director. Each scene, each shot, each camera movement is executed personally by a team member. That means that the tone of your video will be focused and consistent throughout, resulting in the most maximized impact on your audience.

3. Editing

Editing is where the film truly comes to life. Once the footage is shot, we work tirelessly to turn your project around as soon as possible, without rushing and reducing the quality. An even tone is maintained throughout the editing process. This ensures that your business, product, entity, personality, or passion are all represented honestly and without question. In the editing room, your message comes together loud and clear.

4. Voiceover

Our staff members are talented voiceover artists and podcasters experienced in speaking clearly and concisely. If our voices don't fit the bill, we have many other options available for you.

Voiceover easily guides your audience into the video. They naturally relate to hearing a human voice. When paired with engaging footage, voiceover is essential to getting across the correct message in an efficient timeframe. 

5. Finalization

Once the project is completed, we will submit a workprint file that you can review and approve of. Any revisions that you request will be taken care of. Ask for as many as you like; no matter how long it takes, we will create the perfect video for you. Soon enough, the rough draft is now the final draft, ready to be released for the whole world to see.

6. Distribution

With the final product ready to go, we can now discuss the medium in which you would like to release it. The most cost-effective and widely available method is for you to be sent a digital file. From there, you can upload the highest quality master file to Youtube, Vimeo, your website, etc. We will include reduced resolution files that will seamlessly upload to places that require faster accessibility.  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

If your video project(s) need to be distributed physically, we can burn the discs and deliver them to you personally.

After we're finished, don't be a stranger! Lithograf is always open for discussions about your project.