Finished Projects from Lithograf Video

Lithograf Video

Sometimes you have to make a video about yourself to sell yourself to make more videos.


Sometimes old friends reach out and want you to take a risk with them on a longshot of a project. Sometimes that risk pays off and the project is a hit. This video helped KANGAKEY become a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, and we are extremely satisfied with the final cut.

Strength, Fitness, & Speed, INC.

This video was created with the intention of conveying the level of intensity you'd experience training at SFAS. It's a community oriented facility, where each client is treated like family and pushed to be the absolute best they can be. It's not pretty, but if you want to work hard, this is the place for you.

Allegheny Millwork & Lumber

Allegheny Millwork & Lumber reached out to us to help brand themselves as "more than just a lumber yard". We loved creating this video, plain and simple. Now we have another satisfied, returning client to work and grow with in the future. That is what Lithograf is all about.

Marquis at Silver Oaks

This is a real estate video that we shot while in a partnership with a real estate marketing company. One of over a dozen properties, Marquis at Silver Oaks is a prime example of luxury community living.


Lucca is an Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA. This advertisement was created to be used in their online marketing campaign, as well as be edited down into many smaller clips to be used on social media outlets. Through close-up cinematography, it's easy to see the attention to detail that Executive Chef Nick Senske puts into every meal at Lucca.


Made totally in free time in California. All of this footage was shot in less than 12 hours, with no plan, no storyboard, and no crew. Just one man, a car, and a single camera. One of many National Parks videos created by members of the Lithograf team.

EagleRider Pittsburgh x Mines & Meadows

When your job consists of going out to ride ATV's, get muddy, and shoot some gorgeous slow-motion footage, you've got to be happy.

"About Us" | Strength, Fitness, & Speed

We wanted to make something more than just an explosive music video for Ed Wietholder and his booming business. The logical next step was the "visual about us" video that Lithograf is known for. All of the info, none of the reading.

EagleRider Pittsburgh

Made to showcase EagleRider Pittsburgh's 106 Inspection, as well as their 1,000,000 mile warranty, this video is a great example of our multi-talented crew getting everything we need to get done in house. The goal in mind here was to make an informative, interesting video without becoming too derivative or predictable. This is one in a series of "warranty" videos.

The Scoring Factory Training Series

This is 1 of about 70 videos (10 of 26 in the specific series) that were shot for The Scoring Factory. Owned and operated by a long-time friend and mentor, it has been a pleasure to be responsible for creating a consistent online brand for them. More like this can be found on their YouTube page and website. 

"CATFISHED" - Short Film / Ad

A full-scale production where outsourcing was absolutely necessary. Hiring lighting technicians, sound recordists, actors, and camera men was a pleasure for us and we are proud of the final result.


This is a short film dedicated to making a message clear to the audience. The Scoring Factory "is about growth", and you can see players of all ages, genders, races, etc. working hard consistently to reach their full potential.