This podcast has no structure, it goes a little bit deeper, and the only theme is truth. We’re here to talk about what really makes us tick, who we really are underneath all of our bullshit, what we really think about the world around us, and most importantly, the predicaments we all find ourselves in trying to navigate this chaotic and beautiful world. This is 100% unfiltered, we want the truth of our inexplicable lives on this planet coming to light and we want all of our beautiful, fucked up greatness to shine through all of the meaningless noise and insincerity we’re surrounded with every day.


The Death Comes Lifting Podcast (COMING SOON)

Like the Wu-Tang Clan, Death Comes Lifting always has been and always will be for the children. Nothing has changed with the launch of host Zak Bellante's new heavy-metal, power-lifting podcast freight train from Hell. Take a dive into the philosophy of getting yourself strong, healthy, and enlightened through the lens of metal, horror, lifting, and being your fucking self. Nerd out and get ripped with an attitude, The Death Comes Lifting Podcast is here to stay.


The Lore Chest (Coming Soon)

The Lore Chest is a biweekly podcast giving you the deepest dive possible into video game storylines and lore. Join host Mike Shahen as he rants and raves about the expansive worlds, elegant characters, and complex plots gamers spend hours getting lost in. Taking an in-depth look at the world-building and nuances of these expertly crafted universes, Mike Shahen brings his knowledge as a game designer and his lifetime passion for games and narrative to the table. This is a podcast by gamers for gamers that aims to consistently educate and inspire at multiple levels. Consider yourself cordially invited to join us in unlocking the Lore Chest.


The Lithograf Podcast

The beginning of the end. This was Lithograf's first foray into podcasting and is a bit of a crash-course/trial-run. Hosted by Wyatt Hagerty and Julian Ochoa, this variety hour covers all things far and wide. It's an open and honest conversation about whatever comes up. From video games and movies to the world's troubles and what it means to be alive, The Lithograf Podcast dives deep into it all. Enjoy!